Saturday, July 20, 2024

A Dutch House Right By The Canal

Hello and happy Tuesday! It’s another gorgeous fall day – absolutely sunny. It feels bliss. I am amazed how sunlight affects my mood – or rather I would say, uplifts my mood. It’s a different feeling all together. Such a sunny day inspired me to look for a very sunny house and look what I found – a beautiful dutch house right by the canal.

Netherlands is full of water bodies and if you search properly, you can find all these little gems tucked here and there. I always love to have a water-body near my house – perhaps a lake or a canal or even better a sea view. While I don’t have a really nice view from windows, I am happy for my house and appreciate what I have. The amazing sunlight that streams through my windows are incomparable. But right now, let’s have a look at this dutch house (which is currently on sale at Funda) right by the canal.

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