Thursday, June 13, 2024

Bayu Gita Beachfront Resort At Bali, Indonesia

How about going to a tropical beach – ahem virtually? I know, I would love to be there physically. I deserve a vacation after all the hard work and renovation work. I deserve to sit on one of those lounge chairs by the beach and do nothing in particular.While, I am not able to visit a tropical beach, I can definitely transport my mind to this beach in Bali, Indonesia.

I am an wanderlust and that is an understatement. As a child I grew up with an atlas and a diary. I would jot down all the places that I would like to visit and day dream. I hoped my dream would come true. And certainly, I have been luck enough to travel extensively. I always thought of writing about all my travel experiences and somehow I got lazy. I didn’t take notes of all my travel, I do have some memories though – I mean a lot is saved in my brain. I would need to compile those slowly before they all escape. I decided to add my travel experiences and all the travel plans that I have in my blog. From this month onward, I intent to write at least one blog each week on travel.

I had not been to Bali though. And I had no intention of starting of with a place where I had never been before. Honestly, Bali was not even in my wish list. But while searching for beach resorts, this destination popped up. And with my present situation when I am too tired and lazy – a beach resort is something that I would love to visit the most. The more I looked at the photos of this resort Bayu Gita in Bali, the more I got intrigued. If you would like, you can book the resort through The Luxe Nomad.

So how did you like this resort? For me, it is just the place to relax and unwind, perhaps go for a massage therapy and eat to my heart’s content. Happy day dreaming and happy planning if you decided to visit this resort after all! 🙂

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