Saturday, July 20, 2024

Subtle Touches Of Fall In A Swedish Apartment

Hello and happy Monday! I am relishing my cup of tea while feeling almost sleepy. Last night I barely slept. At round 2.00 AM I heard a subtle noise that woke me up and I was scared to think that a thief must have entered. However, after much searching we couldn’t find anyone and went back to sleep but the noise continued. It is then that we realized that our hamster Humphrey has escaped – again. The search for Humphrey continued till early morning without success. We went back to sleep in the early morning thinking we will resume the search in the morning. I am afraid, we are yet to find her. I hope she is doing okay, somewhere in the house.

Well, I was about to write about the fall hues. We have a sugar maple tree in our backyard and it is looking glorious. I so miss living in New England. Unlike other years, this year I haven’t really decorated my home for fall, other than bringing in some pumpkins. I like to decorate my home according to the season and these days I am loving the subtle and minimal look. This Swedish Apartment in Entrance is such an example – bringing just the fall hues but not overdoing it.

Photo Courtesy: Anders Bergstedt

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