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The Mountains Are Calling – A Tea Estate In Darjeeling

Happy Thursday! It’s a bright and shiny day today and as always, a gorgeous day like this gives me a good vibe. Last night, I sort of went down memory lane and revisited my childhood travels. As a child, I did not have much of an option of traveling, but I was a wanderlust. I grew up with my atlas and globe. That was the pre-internet era. Accessibility towards books and glossy magazines were also limited. My only option was newspaper and imagination.

Although we didn’t travel a lot when I was a child, but we went to a handful of places and the Himalayas is one of them. We went to Darjeeling when I was just around 3. Honestly, I have a very vague memory of that trip, but it was definitely not a love at first site. Afterward, I revisited the Himalayas several times (including Darjeeling) in my adulthood and something magical happened. Somehow I fell in love with the mountains. The Himalayas captured my senses and imagination for life. As an adult, I had the opportunity to visit so many places, cities, countries and continents – I have been to the Alps several times, but the majestic Himalayas call me all the time just like a mother calls her daughter.

In case you are wondering where the hell is this Darjeeling – well it’s a small city nestled in the hills of the Himalayas in India. Darjeeling is noted for its tea industry. I am sure you must have heard of the famous Darjeeling Tea. The Tea Estates in Darjeeling has been promoting tourism for the last many years. Although I have never had the opportunity to stay in a tea estate, I had been to the fields where the tea is grown. One such Tea Estate is Singtom Tea Estate and Resort.

As my imagination would run wild, I would imagine myself on that small toy-train winding up the hills to reach Darjeeling at 2,042 meter. The hotel where we stayed the first time I went there, was very near to that Toy train tracks and I could see and hear a train whistling down. Darjeeling was a British settlement pre-independence and the Brits would flock to the hill town to escape the heat of the plains. Darjeeling produces one of world’s best aromatic tea and visiting a tea estate in Darjeeling would be my dream come true. While I am definitely not a Tea connoisseur, I am a Tea person and need my morning cuppa. Sometimes I find Darjeeling label tea in Nethertlands, where I live but I am not sure if that is authentic. I found out that Singtom Tea Estate has a partnership with “Chai & Mighty” – a farm to table brand that sells and exports India’s finest tea and owns several tea estates.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. All words are mine.

If you wish to order tea from Chai and Mighty, you can click here.

To book a stay in Singtom Tea Estate, you can book here or here.

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