Thursday, June 13, 2024

A Sunny Place With Plants and Moody Blue Wall Color

Hello! Happy Monday! A sunny place is always a happy place to me. I always thought that white interiors with white-washed walls reflect a lot of light and hence these are the brighter places. However, I am being proved wrong more and more these days. What’s with these small Scandinavian apartments – how do they tackle the gray skies with dark and moody color is beyond me. The more I see, the more I learn and happily I am a convert now.

Take this apartment is Sweden for instance. This moody blue color in the living room is enhancing it’s bright and sunny side. All the plants are placed in such a way, that they get a ton of light and at the same time they make this small place look brighter and happier. This moody blue is no way a sad place – it is so fresh and at the same time adds drama. When we bought our house, we ripped of all the black wallpaper from the bedrooms, but saved just one wall and now that wall is the highlight. Anyone who visits our bedrooms, comment on that wall. I am now thinking of painting one of our bedroom walls and one wall in the living room as dark blue or black.

I have a thing for balconies – especially the south facing ones. I have a yard now, but I guess I always lobed my balconies more and used them more. And that olive tree is just gorgeous. I have a similar one in my backyard and it’s fruiting.

And that looks like a cozy bedroom to relax with the books. A perfect spot to unwind after a busy day.

Photos courtesy: Entrance.

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