Thursday, June 13, 2024

Window In A Bathroom – Bringing In Natural Light

Having a window in a bathroom, I must say is a luxury. Not all bathrooms come with a window and hence no natural light. When I lived in the US, none of the apartments I lived in, had a window in the bathroom. Neither did I have in Germany. Fortunately, when I moved to the Netherlands, my upstairs bathroom had a big window filled in with natural light. Although the house had loads of problems and issues, that one thing made me happy – window in the bathroom. It was a sunny south facing bathroom and the entire wall facing the south was one big window. I felt so blessed. I would always leave the bathroom door open so that the Sunlight could reach my master bedroom as well, which was a north facing one. We are lucky to have a window in the bathroom of our present house as well, although this bathroom faces the north – so not so much sunlight as in the last house. But I must say I am blessed to have a nice bathroom with natural light. Here are 10 bathrooms with windows that bring in lots of natural light.

Do you have a window in your bathroom? I would love to know.

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