Thursday, June 13, 2024

A Personal Sanctuary – Mountain Retreat In Incline Village, Nevada

I am always in awe with the mountains and intrigued to mountain living. The snow capped peaks call me like a mother calling to her child. I have loved going back to the Himalayas time and again – as many times as I could manage. And every time, it felt like I came back home. I have never had a personal mountain sanctuary of my own though – perhaps one day! But some people are lucky to have their own retreats in the mountains like Sarah Pearsall and her husband Michael Lippert. The family lives in New York, but they have a family vacation home in Incline Village in Nevada. You can read more on Sarah’s story here.

The family loved the concept of a peaceful mountain retreat to escape the city and spend more time outdoors with theirs sons in the nature. They found this home built in the 1990s, which was a bit dated but had these magnificent views of the lake and the snow capped peaks. Ah tranquil! They renovated the house with the local designer Scott Corridan. With this window seat with such great views (photo below) I wouldn’t want to go anywhere though.

I wish the family a happy life where they can make fond memories in this tranquil retreat for the many years to come. Courtesy: Mountain Living.

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