Thursday, June 13, 2024

An Apartment With Lively And Lovely Blue

I was always skeptical of dark wall colors. I had the feeling that that would make the room definitely dark and gloomy and small as well. So white on all the walls was the way to go. However, the Scandinavian homes or apartments and even studios are all proving me to be wrong. Considering the fact that the Scandinavian countries get no to little sunlight in the winter months, I would consider painting your walls with a dark color say black or blue to be quite daring and bold decision. It pays off though. This apartment in Sweden is just another example how a small space can look quite elegant and spacious with such a deep blue color. It seems to be a classic color choice. Pared with white or lighter furniture and accessories, this apartment is looking elegant and classic.

Oh how I love that wall with all those books and the television blending with the wall and books. I might have to write a post on blending your television in the living room.

This storage nook in the hallway is so nicely edited. It could also be a pantry. I have a thing for the pantry. That reminds me, I have to organize my pantry for the n-th time. I had been doing and re-doing but it never looks like this.

To see more pictures of this house, you can visit Kvarteret Makleri.

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