Monday, December 04, 2023

Christmas And Calligraphy

As a child, I loved practicing my hand writing and make it look neat and beautiful. I didn’t know though at that time that what I was doing was sort of calligraphy – well sort of because I didn’t really master any particular font or type. But using good paper, pen or pencil and writing away happily so that my writing appeared neat and presentable was such a nice hobby. Later, after I grew up I realized that hobby has a name – Calligraphy. These days, modern technology has advanced so far that Calligraphy or hand lettering seems to be an old-world traditional system that is outdated, but it is not actually. Calligraphy is still in great demand.

Christmas is around the corner, and I realized I haven’t written a single post on Christmas this year. I am even slow to decorate my home for Christmas this year. Somehow the thought struck me this afternoon that if Calligraphy is used for festive purposes and voila – so may options. The greeting cards, place tags, wreaths, gift packs you name it. Here are some options for making you card or tag or decoration look more beautiful, purposeful, handmade and personalized. Of course if you know the art, you are all set. But if you do not and have no intention of leaning it, there are many options to buy them online.

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