Thursday, June 13, 2024

Graphite Gray And Marble Kitchen In This Happy, Sunny Apartment

Happy Monday! Hope your weekend was nice. Mine was such an unplanned one but turned out so nice. We went to Germany to meet friends and see the Christmas markets. This time of the year is very special to me – especially if you live in Germany or somewhere nearby. The Christmas markets make up for all the gloomy and rainy days. Unfortunately, in Netherlands, I was yet to see or feel that special Christmas-y feeling – so a weekend trip to Duesseldorf was worth. (I will write a special post on Christmas market later).

Now to today’s post – it’s a beautiful sunny, south facing Apartment in Sweden (of course Sweden – it has to be Swedish). And what I am most loving is this graphite-gray kitchen. The building was built in 1883, but it is well maintained and very delicately renovated. The apartment was on sale in Alvhem.

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