Thursday, April 18, 2024

A Magnificent Glass House In The Mojave Desert Oozes Luxury

Once I had an opportunity to visit a glass house here in the Netherlands. I must say that was a completely different experience, only the internal walls were opaque, but all the exterior walls were made of glass. I didn’t know how it would look during the daytime, however, I visited on a cold windy winter night and it felt, to be honest quite creepy. It was on the edge of the forest, the last house in that neighborhood. Thank God, there was a party going on, so I was with loads of other people, otherwise, I would freak out if I had to live in that house alone at night because anyone could see what’s going on inside, but from inside you would only see darkness.

Desert is another thing though. I have never ever been to a desert and I really do not know how it feels to live in a desert. A few months ago I watched a series named Restaurants on the Edge on Netflix that showcased a restaurant in the desert and I was awestruck with the view that unfolded. Never did I know before that the view could be so splendidly beautiful in the desert. Ever since I have started looking up homes in the desert and I must say, so far whatever I have seen, all of them are incredible. Today, while scrolling up, this picture of beautiful orange hues of the sunset (or sunrise) came up and I knew I had to share it, even before I could see the rest of the pictures.

Did I tell you that these days I am somehow obsessed with all the orange hues? Not sure because this is almost fall or not. I must admit I was never a fan of orange or red. I still detest red. But there is something energizing and inspiring in the sunrise and sunset pictures. I noticed myself pinning these pictures more and realized I actually love warm colors (I never knew that, whew!!). This prefabricated glasshouse in the Mojave desert looks absolutely stunning at the backdrop of this sunset (or sunrise).

Such play of color will blow my mind away. I can only understand how beautiful nature would look from inside the house as the day rolls over. This is my ultimate peace. The house itself oozes comfort and luxury as well. Weather is extreme here in this part of the country, but architect Linda Taalman from Taalman Architecture has made it as comfortable as possible with passive air conditioning, solar power, radiant floor heating even though the house is off the grid.

Courtesy: Deco Planet and photography courtesy: Dré Nitze Nelson.

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