Thursday, April 18, 2024

A Seaside Home In New Zealand Celebrates Indoor-Outdoor

I have never posted a house tour in New Zealand. And I realize that I don’t actually know a lot about this country. The focus had been more on Australia and New Zealand seemed to be a sister country, but it doesn’t have to be like this. Some time ago I watched a movie which was shot in New Zealand and I realized how beautiful this country is. Wheni stumbled upon this home tour from Homes to Love, I had to post it because this is is so gorgeous. The connection between the indoor and outdoor seems so prevalent in New Zealand too and I love a home where there is a good connection between these two. So let’s explore.

Loved the outdoor, loved the pool and loved the smooth flow between the indoor and outdoor. I guess the grass makes a lot of difference. I am planning to change my backyard and right now it’s all concrete. This grass looks so inviting and I am really inclined to change it to grass. I am wondering about the maintenance though. I guess some research is in order. For now I am contented just to look at the outdoor area from that living room. 🙂

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