Thursday, December 01, 2022

You Are Not Alone – The World Is With You

It’s been 6 months after my last blog on 19th December 2019. I was about to sit down and write my blog post on 20th December morning, when I received news of my father’s death. These last six months were hard to say the least and I honestly didn’t want to write on my blog any more. I was just recovering and starting to write on my blogs again when this Sunday, June 14. 2020, I heard this unfortunate news of demise of the Indian actor Sushant Singh Rajput. He committed suicide.

I didn’t know his personally, I was not really a fan of him, I had watched some of his movies and I liked him as an actor but that was it. Still, his untimely death moved me so much and I cannot fathom why. Last night I barely slept and when I slept I only had dreams of Sushant Singh Rajput. Why? He had depression it seems – I am reading in news. And that bothers me so much. I had no idea he had felt so lonely and needed help. I came to know from the news that he was brilliant, an intelligent man with not only good looks, but also a great mind and a kind heart. What a loss!

I am also learning that he was an introvert. Perhaps he was also a highly sensitive person – I do not know. I just wish there would be someone he could reach out to. Someone who could hear him out and be there for him. As I am typing, I checked in google about suicide prevention and guess what, when I started typing “how to help prevent…’ the first options are surprisingly climate change, global warming, pollution etc. and not “suicide prevention”.

The more I am reading about Sushant Singh Rajput, the more baffled I am. I fail to understand why a brilliant mind like his would take this step. That leads me to thinking, all the other people who take this step – why do they do that? What could have prevented them from doing that. This also led me to think what I can do to support someone in need and help prevent a suicide. We must realize that life is the most precious gift that we have and there is nothing more valuable than that. When someone does take that final step, what we as a community could have done to prevent that.

I, honestly, do not have an answer or solution to that. But I wish to explore that and if I can save even a single life, it will be an achievement. If you are reading this, I would like you to help me and come up with whatever ideas you have and share it with me. I am aware of suicide prevention hotlines but do not how well they function. Besides, do all people really reach out? If not, how to even get to them and reach out and say “Hello, you are not alone – I am there with you”.

I plan to write more often now, although I do not yet commit myself to writing everyday. I also intend to write more on other subjects along with home design. And I need to find out how to reach out to people in need. Please help me in helping you, helping someone or save one precious life.

Thank you.


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