Thursday, June 13, 2024

Beginning Of A New Season – Summer

While reading an article in Apartment Therapy, I realized this last weekend was the beginning of summer, which had absolutely escaped my mind. This year was a whirlwind for so many people, and probably because of that I lost count of days and especially seasons. I was eagerly waiting for Spring to come because I was craving for more sunlight. I did notice the beginning of Spring and then this pandemic, social distancing, lock down made me lost count of days. I stopped looking forward to change of seasons or decorating my house according to the seasons – which I usually so desperately look forward to. But amidst a very difficult time, there has been some positive changes as well, with us, with me, with you (I hope so), with our environment, with the world. It’s just that we need to look at things differently.

Summer also brings the hope that we are coming out of this pandemic soon. And if we cannot really make any vacation plans for summer, we still can make the most out of whatever we have. If we are lucky to have a backyard, front yard, deck, patio, terrace or even a tiny balcony, we are all set. But I know some of us are not so lucky, for them I would say, use the windows as much as possible or perhaps it’s possible to go to a local park or nature trail for a walk. We need to make do with whatever we have. Here are 10 simple ideas:

I hope all these pictures would give you some ideas to incorporate. Perhaps you already have most of the equipments or tools say patio tables/chairs, string lighting, some greenery, colorful cushions. If you not in the market to buy something new, just changing the location of the furniture, dusting, organizing and basically sprucing up makes a lot of difference. I have deliberately kept the pictures quite simple (well some of them) so that they are doable even in a city dwelling. Enjoy your summer this year, till it lasts 🙂

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