Wednesday, September 27, 2023

10 Inner Courtyard Ideas Showing How To Be Inspiring

Yesterday I wrote a post on a loft home in Barcelona and how they decorate around a terrace/courtyard. That made me think that so much is possible when we can think creatively and make do with whatever space we have. I always detested inner courtyards because, well I love a view to the outside world where I can happily see the world go by from the comfort and safety of my own home. Inner courtyards do not give me that option and makes me look at a blank wall or something depressing, but I guess I was wrong all the time. Internal courtyards can be converted to something that you actually appreciate, something that is soothing to your eyes. Here are 10 amazing examples that shows the world how you can create an inspiring outdoor space.

Almost all of these pictures have perhaps just one big plant, and that makes such a difference. If you cannot add one very big plant, you can also try for some smaller plants clubbed together or you could also try English Ivy. The key is to add some greenery. Hope you find this post inspiring too for your own inner courtyards (if you have one).

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