Thursday, June 13, 2024

A Beautiful Hilltop Retreat Shows How To Embrace Nature

Hello Everyone. It’s a glorious Monday morning and it’s my hubby’s birthday. There cannot be a better Monday. The sun shine makes me feel opulent if that’s the right word, but opulent not in terms of wealth, opulent in terms of happiness and bliss. I am writing this post looking at my backyard which is quite lush right now, thatnks to addition of many hydrangeas, hibiscus, cherry tree, maple tree and my very favorite olive tree. The sunshine on the leaves of theses trees make them shine like a pearl and I feel blessed, rejuvenated and peaceful. I feel grateful. That made me wonder what an important role nature plays in our lives.It would surely bring us more peace, harmony and a sense of gratitude when and if we could embrace more nature in the form of adding more plants in our surroundings, doesn’t matter however small our space is. This hilltop retreat in Australia is a great example of embracing nature.

Just looking at those pictures make me feel more peaceful and I can only wonder how rejuvenating that might be when you are actually surrounded by all that lushness. While not many of us are fortunate to have such a big and beautiful backyard, we can always add some greenery to whatever space we have. Right now, I look out again at my olive tree and the hydrangeas and the hibiscus and feel happy, opulent, blessed. 🙂

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