Thursday, June 13, 2024

What Does Happiness Mean to You?

I often rant that I am not happy. When I decided to explore and find out the reason for my constant lack of happiness, I realized I was looking for happiness somewhere else. Happiness is actually inside me. Let me elaborate.

I wrote this article about finding happiness where I wrote what undermines our happiness. That’s a very good exercise in finding the root cause of your unhappiness and you can perhaps eliminate them, or reduce them or work on them.

That leaves us with the question – What is happiness then?

I believe the concept of happiness is different for each of us. Let me share what happiness is to me:

Happiness is the first ray of sunshine on my eyes while I meditate

Happiness is the glistening of moonlight on the water on a full moon night.

Happiness is the rustling of leaves while they change color to crimson.

Happiness is snuggling up under the same blanket with my daughter and watching Netflix together.

Happiness is watching my olive tree bearing fruits

Happiness is sitting on my porch and seeing the world go by.

Happiness is stopping to chat with my neighbor after picking up groceries.

Happiness is a long walk by the sea when the cool breeze comforts my skin

Happiness is noticing the leaves changing color

Happiness is smelling the Night Jasmine in the early autumn morning

Happiness is warm chocolate on a cold bitter night

Happiness is glowing of the fireflies on a warm summer night

Happiness is watching the sunset beyond the horizon and soaking up the golden light

Happiness is reading a book and curling up on my couch

Happiness is witnessing the first rays of sunshine on Mt. Kanchenjungha in the Himalayas

Happiness is the singing of Koels reminding me of spring

Happiness is my morning cup of tea and doing literally nothing.

Happiness to me is not my triumphs and achievements. Happiness is in all these small details that we don’t notice or pay attention to.

So, you see, it’s not so difficult to find happiness because happiness is within us. We only need to look inside.

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