Thursday, June 13, 2024

Enjoy The Morning And Evening Sun In Stockholm

It’s a been a while that I have written my blog post. Sorry, it’s been actually a long long while. I know, I didn’t do justice to my blog. Well, perhaps another day I will write about all the things that was happening to my life, but today I would like to delve straightaway into this gem of an apartment. And why do I think that this is a gem – well because of all the natural light it receives all through out the day. Let’s have a tour.

This corner apartment in Stockholm is quite a unique apartment because it has a wrap-around balcony that encloses all the rooms on the floor. And on top of this, the view is unbeatable as well – it’s in the juncture of Riddarfjärden‘s open water, Norr Mälarstrand and the stately Stockholm City Hall. You can’t beat the location. But that’s not just the only thing, thanks to the generous windows, ample light flows in the entire apartment. You can enjoy the incredible view and both the morning and evening Sun with a cup of joe. That is for me the highlight.

As you might know, or might not, I would do anything for a bit of Sunshine. Before I bought this house of mine, I made sure the house I buy has a natural light. For me, natural light would beat any other aspect any day. Oh, by the way, did you notice, even on a not so Sunny day, or rather a gray and gloomy day, this apartment gets so much light. The best thing is, it can be yours if you live in Stockholm or if you are planning to move soon, because it’s on sale in Historiska Hem. For a country like Sweden, where there are more gray days, especially in the winter, I would go for little more light.

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