Monday, December 04, 2023

Soaking In The Sun In This Villa in Mallorca

Hello Tuesday. And what a rainy gloomy Tuesday! It had been raining all night long and it’s still raining. The weather forecast is showing more rain in the next couple of days. No sign of sunshine. On top of that, hard lockdown is going on in the Netherlands, discussions of curfew is also going on. What can be more depressing? This is the perfect time to imagine myself in a faraway sun-kissed land, soaking in the Sun, enjoying the cool breeze of the sea, doing nothing but relaxing – perhaps reading a book.

In February 2017, we took a one week vacation in Mallorca. I was dead-tired at work and really really needed that one week long vacation. To say that that one week was rejuvenating is the least. I am person who loves to explore all the places, do everything that is possible when visiting somewhere. But in Mallorca I decided against this, and mostly stay put on a sea-side hotel. Before visiting Mallorca, I read everywhere that February is not the time to be there, however we loved our time there. It was all glorious and sunny. The walk by the beach every morning and evening was relaxing. Unfortunately I didn’t know about this villa – Villa Son Font. I came across this property today while surfing for villas in Mallorca and this is just gorgeous, located in the Tramuntana mountains near Calvia. I couldn’t help but post the pictures. How amazing it would be to soak in the Sun all day long and forget the gloom that I am seeing here in the Netherlands.

In this vacation, we took only one day trip (more about that later). That was amazing though, however the relaxation by the beach, doing particularly nothing and no activity to tick-off from my list was actually very very refreshing. I am really feeling nostalgic about that trip and longing for another vacation. I hope this pandemic is over soon and we will all start our normal lives. However, dreaming a little dream doesn’t hurt, right?

P.S. All the pictures other than number 1 and 10 is courtesy: Villa Son Font. Oh yes, this is NOT a paid advertisement.

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