Saturday, July 20, 2024
Design as Therapy

A Delightful Swedish Home In Soothing, Classic Colors

I am always fascinated with the Scandinavian Design. It never fails to inspire me. Be it a small studio or a modern apartment or a historic house. I see creativity – all the time. My favorite pastime is to browse all the Scandinavian design it is there to see and marvel. It always has a soothing and calming effect. Take for example this Swedish house. It’s class colors are no where boring, rather very soothing to the eye. It makes me relax. Even though I can see stuff, especially the kid’s stuff which can look cluttered and messy, this house looks calm and at the same time lived-in.

I have never cared much for the color green. And still I am finding this green in the bedroom (below) and the landing so soothing. The gray in the child’s room is equally relaxing. I always thought the color gray would make me feel more depressed, especially considering the gloomy weather. But it is proving me wrong time and again. This home right now on sale in Stadshem for a lucky family to grab it and make it their home.

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