Saturday, July 20, 2024

A Swedish Home With Love & Laughter

Sometimes a home is so lovingly taken care of, that you can feel that love the moment you set foot in or you see pictures. It doesn’t have to be grand or immaculate, it’s actually the finer details that make a house a home – a home that is well loved for and well taken care of. This is more true for an old home, we create memories there and generations after generations living in the house make the house that we see today.

This Swedish home is a perfect example. That glass veranda is amazing. I can imagine how many happy hours had been spent in that – with love and laughter. How many cups of morning tea or coffee had been enjoyed, or how many cozy afternoons had been spent with a good book while the world went by. Verandas always have a special place in my heart, especially if they are glass covered, they can be used in all weather. And I can see ample light installed for good reading. It’s amazing to see how they are using such a small place to convert it to such a usable space. The house is currently on sale in Historiska Hem. I only have good wishes for the new family buying it and making their own in the process.

This tour reminds me how grateful I am for my own home. I don’t have a glass veranda – true. My home is also not a historic home, it’s quite new. But all that matters is that I absolutely love my home. I wouldn’t want to exchange this home for something bigger or better. This feeling of gratitude makes me take care of my home more, makes me love my home more. Hope you liked this tour and hope there was something to inspire you to love your home more.

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