Saturday, July 20, 2024

How To Style Your Windowsill

Hooray, it’s a beautiful snowy winter morning today. While I am tired of the winter and already hoping for Spring to come early, I was also longing for some snow. It’s been many years that it has snowed in the Netherlands. And finally this weekend it snowed and now it looks like a paradise. I miss my Massachusetts winters ever since I moved to Europe. I have seen snow only scarcely ever since I left Boston. And this weekend when it was snowing heavily, I realized how I had been longing those snowy winter days. I actually don’t mind snowy winter weather, what I hate is rain and gloomy weather.

I remember with longing how I loved my apartment in Massachusetts. We lived in a small city near Boston named Andover. The view from the windows were spectacular – in all the seasons. During the winter, the leaves would all fall and I could see the river in distance all frozen up, and the winding road in the hills in the distance. The snow would reflect the light and it would look like a magical place like the enchanted forest. The best part was the windowsill. The windows were quite low so that you could even sit on them and they would actually work as window seats but not too low to the floor so that you could decorate them nicely. While I don’t have that view from my window anymore, I realized I still can spruce up my windowsill to make me feel better. Even a city apartment with not much view can make you feel better if you could style your windowsill nicely. And that doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money or buy a lot of stuff. You can be creative and use whatever you have at hand. Here are few options:

1. A simple glass vase with fresh eucalyptus leaves and some sprigs of baby’s breath.

2. An orchid and a small memento.

3. Some books and a ceramic vase.

4. A combination of books, plants and a show-stopper accessory.

5. A painting and a candle.

6. A lamp.

7. Your favorite pottery and a ceramic candle holder.

8. A corokia plant with some books and an accessory.

9. Some potted plants along with a cactus.

10. An olive tree.

So what do you think? Do you have windowsills? Do you also style your windowsills? I would love to hear.

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