Tuesday, October 03, 2023

A Sunset On The Patio Of A Serene Stockholm Duplex With Amazing Views Of Water

Hello there. It’s an amazing winter morning. It’s cold, but it’s bright, sunny and absolutely gorgeous day. The Sun shines on the snow and it reflects the light every where making it brighter than it is already. I spent some happy time sipping my tea and looking outside, happy and contented, contemplating the deeper meaning of life. Sometimes I do wonder, if these small things in life is actually what life is all about. Sunshine in this part of the world, especially during the winter months, is a real luxury. And these little moments are gifts from the mother nature which I value and treasure so much.

This brings me to my today’s post – the perfect place to treasure the little luxuries of life – a duplex in Stockholm right by the apartment. I am very strongly moved by nature and living by a lake or any water body would be my dream coming true. I would look forward to coming back to my home if this view welcomes me every time I come home. Well, while I don’t have such an amazing view (I am still grateful that my home receives so much sunlight) , some people definitely are. Or at the least the next owner of this duplex is going to be. Luckily this duplex is on sale at BOSTHLM.

This Duplex faces south-west, so I can imagine how much light it will get. And a sunset on that patio would be (to me at least) everything to live for. It just reminds me about my short tenure in California where I lived right by the lagoon. I would spend all my day looking at the lagoon and the gentle hills in the distant and how the Sun played hide and seek all day long. That was an amazing place to live. I am working on the post and hopefully I will be able to finish that write up soon. For now, I can’t stop looking at these amazing views.

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