Thursday, June 13, 2024

Glorious Sunshine In A Small But Stylish Swedish Apartment

Hello Everyone, it’s finally Friday. And what a gorgeous day. After one whole week of rain and cold and gray, today is a glorious one. Sometimes I do think that theses are the days or the moments in life that makes life so special. These are the days that I really feel grateful that I am alive and I live in such a beautiful world. And I when I stumbled upon this small but very stylish apartment in Sweden with such gorgeous light (that I found on Alvhem), I couldn’t help but share. I love Sweden and I love all things Scandinavian. There’s so much simplicity yet style in Swedish design that it doesn’t just attracts me, it inspires me.

I loved the contrast of the bedroom. And I absolutely loved the tiny sun-filled balcony. The Swedes have really learnt and mastered the way of working with natural light. Considering the fact that Sweden gets so less light in the winter, it is really a need to get as much light as possible.

Did you find anything in this apartment that strikes you? I would love to know.

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