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How To Live In A Small Space With Style

Hello there. It’s already middle of the week and what a gorgeous day! Sometimes (read all times) I do feel that theses are the days to live for. I am grtaeful for this Sunshine, I am greatful for this terrific weather so uncommon in March here in Netherlands. I started my day with a visit to the local farmer’s market. Do you ever visit a farmer’s market. The sight of fresh produce and plants and flowers makes me happy. Here I see the pattern – simple things in life can bring happiness. And that brings to my today’s topic – you can pack in a lot of style in a teeny tiny place, if you have vision. I always find inspiration in scandinavian design and here is another example – a tiny 41 square meter Swedish apartment from Kvarteret Mäkleri, nonetheless with lots of style.

1.A clean background – You can always sense this feeling of calm and serenity in Swedish apartments. It’s mostly because they always start with neutral walls and furniture. That gives you the scope of adding interest through layers.

2. Styled windowsill – All the homes in Scandinavia that we see, they come with deep window ledges and they are ideal places for styling. It can be books, plants, light, candle or simple flowes vases but that just takes your room to a different level. This really makes up for all the lack of space.

3. One or two statement piece – Because the backgroud is neutral, adding one or two statement piece creates the oh-so-needed contrast.

4. Creativity and Innovation – No doubt we see so many great designers from Scandinavian countries. They are good at finding creative solutions. The image below is just an example – the lack of space for a night stand is solved by adding a small wooden box which holds a few books, and hanging a wall lamp for easy reading in night.

5. Usage of organic material – You can see a lot of organic material in the scandinavian home tours – linen, wood, ceramic and natural textile. This makes it look more simple but cozy – the lived-in look without the clutter.

6. Minimalism – There’s no denying that Scandinavian design is embracing minimalism, however without sacrificing style. Minimalism done right can give the right balance needed in a small space to make it work and also make it stylish.

7. Proper lighting – Scandinavian design is also about lighting through lamps and lots of candles. Wall lamps, scones or lamps on the windowsill doesn’t occupy too much space, but still adds character.

8. Love for ceramic – In Scandinavian design, we see usage of a lot of ceramic, placed carefully so that it aligns with their design. Also people do use these ceramic for their regular usage and not just keep them for show pieces adding dust.

9. Natural Light – Scandinavian countries do not get enough light in winter. To compensate that, most homes have tall windows to let all the natural light come in. While you can’t do much if you have dark apartment, you can however invest in good quality window treatment and let the natural light flow as much as possible.

10. Use of mirror – So if you do not have enough windows or natural light, the next best thing is to have mirrors strategically placed so that light can reflect and you get the feeling of more light.

How was this apartment tour to you? Did it help you in any way? Please do let me know through your comments.

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