Saturday, July 20, 2024

Bringing The Outdoors In – An Artist’s Minimal Loft in Milan

Hello, the weather today is really wierd. It’s snowing this moment and it’s gorgeous sunny another moment. Snow in April – huh! I don’t remember snow in April here in Netherlands in the last many years. I thought of seraching for respite in design inspiration. When I look at interior design, I feel more inclined to design that celebrates nature, that makes use of our natural world and brings in the outdoor. This Sicilian-born artist Antonino Sciortino has done just that in an industrial loft in Milan, Italy.

What I love most is the internal courtyard. I am not a fan of internal courtyards, honestly. I like to look at the world outside. However, this garden courtyard just proves what how creative some people can be. I would have never imagined that I could convert an internal courtyard to something that is actually calming and tranquil. I have hopes for my backyard now that I have seen this. The agave plant, the cacti and the olive tree in the courtyard are all brought from his island in Sicily to bring his memories of his island home. What is not to love in this home. A perfect tribute.

Source: Homes To love.

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