Friday, March 01, 2024

Do You Fancy Mediterranean Gardens? – Here Are 8 Ideas

This week while writing the blog post on an artist’s minimal loft in Milan, I absolutely loved the concept of an inner courtyard. I absolutely loved how he brought an old olive tree from his native place in Sicily and how it connects him to his land. One thing led to another, and I was perusing the Mediterranean garden ideas for my own backyard here in Netherlands. I just love olive trees and every time I look at the olive tree outside my glass doors in my backyard, it makes me smile. But I realized, Mediterranean gardens are not just about an olive tree, while it is still an integral part. Here are eight such ideas.

1.Indoor – outdoor connection – It feels like your outdoor is also a part of your living room where you can spend a lot of time just relaxing in nature and not doing anything in partiucular. Outdoor sitting and entertainment is an integral part of Mediterranean living.

2. Gravel – Instead of maniccured lawn, gravel seems to be a choice. I still find a manicured lawn very meditative, but all these Mediterranean backyard ideas with gravel seems quite enticing and hassle free. You don’t really have to mow or water the lawn.

3.. Lemon trees – Not just olive trees, some other plants are also essential for Mediterranean gardens and lemon trees are one of them. Lemons and oranges from the trees also add color to the otherwise green and neutral space.

4. Shade – The afternoon Sun is quite scorching in the Mediterranean region, so we often see a shade of some sort to give some respite and you get to enjoy the garden all through out the day and the year.

5. Water – Fountains, swimming pool or any form of water is also quite often present in a Mediterranean garden.

6. Terracota Pots – Yes you guessed it right, olive trees of course, but olive trees in pots as well and especially in terracota pots.

7. Olive tree – Yes you guessed it right. No Mediterranean garden is complete without this beautiful tree.

8. Tiles – This is another trademark of a Mediterranean garden. Tiles create a pattern and brightens the look of the courtyard but it also gives an intimate and cozy feeling, as if it’s an extension of our living rooms.

Do you fancy mediterranean gardens? Did any of these ideas speak to you?

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