Thursday, June 13, 2024
Design as Therapy

How To Style A Small Studio (With An Earthy Green Kitchen)

Hello, there. It’s Thursday already. The small tiny studios in Sweden are always a source of inspiration to people who live in small spaces. I would regularly scout through these images of small spaces for inspiration and I would always take away some thing. This space from Entrance is just 31 sq. meter (roughly 330 sq. feet) but doesn’t compromise any style at all.

I loved the first image so much. It’s like those grand entrances where you are immediately greeted with something elegant. The kitchen from Taras Hallgren & Son looks so elegant that it takes the studio to the next level. The olive green color is so soothing to the eye. I wasn’t actually a fan of green until recently when I started seeing a lot of earthy green tones in Scandinavian design. I have those open shelving (the ones you see on the left) and it mostly gets cluttered with tschokes.. I have some idea now how to make those slots look better and function better. The shaker style kitchen really draws your eye to finer details and all that storage seems logical considering this is such a tiny place.

The location of the television seems interesting. I don’t really see a lot of interir spaces with television and I just wonder how and where people store TV. Watching netflix during the lockdown has been a favourite pastime for us during the lockdown and while that’s not the healthiest of the activities, but it is indeed of the family activities that we do enjoy as a family together. So a comfortable couch and a television at a right angle is quite important for us and I guess for many other people. In this studio, they had been very creative about the television location, although I do wonder how they watch it from the couch unless it can be tilted.

The alcove for the bed and the storage underneath is quite an ingenious idea, although I have this fear of height and prefer low beds. But if you are not, it’s a good idea to have a storage bed. The alcove hides the bed from the kitchen and the rest of the studio, giving you the much needed privacy and from the bed you don’t need to look at the clutter (if any) left at the kitchen.

The last but not the least is all those closets by the bathroom. I like how nicely this studio has been designed thinking of every single thing. For a single person, there is good enough storage. The kitchen is definitely the star because of the good design and layout, they have been able to carve out quite a good space for the kitchen unlike usual studio kitchen where you can barely make a sandwich. So much to learn from this tiny space. Did you find anything inspiring or useful? I would love to know.

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