Thursday, June 13, 2024

Ultimate Relaxation And Inner Peace At Rhodes Island, Greece

Hello there. It’s already quite late for my first post in May. I was suffering fron Bronchitis and didn’t have the energy for anything much. While I am still recovering from the nasty disease, the only thing that is giving me solace is a dream of a vacation in the sun, sand and sea. I know the corona crisis is still here and it may still be a few months when the borders reopen and we are free to travel, but who can stop me from dreaming! That’s the best part.

This poolside paradise is a boutique hotel named Casa Cook (that I found in Est Living) is set in the backdrop of the rugged coast of Rodes Island in Greece. This is indeed a space for ultimate relaxation and finding you inner peace and btw, this boutique hotel is for adults only (16+). You can see an abundance of palms and natural texture in this hotel. This is a place where you contemplate your thoughts and seek deeper meanings of life (if you are into that). This is also a place where you let loose and just read a book in one of the cozy hammocks or egg chairs. Or perhaps join a yoga class, ‘sail the Aegean’, explore the old town or just hangout by the poolside. You just do you, and you just be you. That’s it.

Now what are you contemplating? Thinking about a relaxing vacation like this? Hmm, I wouldn’t be surprised. Good luck for your next trip. I can’t really plan a vacation like this, this is undoubtedly beyond my budget and if you can’t for as well for whatever reason, remember – there’s no harm in dreaming. šŸ™‚ I hope you find you inner peace no matter you are going for a vacation or not.

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