Saturday, July 20, 2024
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A House Overlooking The Mediterranean – Connecting Indoor To The Amazing Outdoor

Hello, it’s another wonderful sunny and gorgeous day. That definitely makes me look forward to summer or rather summer vacation on an idyylic island where I do nothing other than sun bathing, relaxing, reading and star gazing while the world goes by. I am sot sure though how much of it is still possible this summer, if the lockdown will be over and the borders will open and more importantly if it will still be safe to travel. The travel industry has been hit the most and as long as we can arrange for safe travel, the hotels and travel industry as such can take safety precautions, I am all for travelling. However, you and I have no obligation though to look at mesmerizing places and especially if it’s something like this house overlooking the Mediterranean, that I found in Planete Deco through El Meuble,

This house is located near the town of La Mola in Formentera, Spain. This small flat island is located in the south of Ibiza and is indeed one of the most amazing islands. There is no airport in Formentera, so the only way to get there is by a boat or by a ferry from a close port. The house, designed by the architect Benjamin Calleja, sits just by the sea, overlooking the Mediterranean. Its simple and natural elements makes it blend into the landscape instead of sticking out and connects the indoor to the outdoor quite harmoniously. All I would do, is sit on those lounging chairs outside and take in all the tranquility that nature has to offer.

That outdoor soaking tub couldn’t be in a better location, taking a bath, reading and relaxing while gazing at the sea. I am sure, a few days in this house would rejuvenenate any soul, unless you are a complete party person though, because Formentera is not a party island like Ibiza. It’s a place to soak in the nature, relax and enjoy wonderful sunsets. It’s a place for healing, for contemplating, for being more present, being mindful and reparing you to continue with your life’s journey.

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