Thursday, June 13, 2024

A Bright And Charming Century Old Multi-Family Villa

Hello, Happy Monday. It’s a gloomy and rainy day – a perfect day for curling up and looking at pictures of happy and inspiring homes. Home design is always inspiring to me. However, I prefer those homes which are not overly designed, or not designed at all, Homes which look lived in and you immediately feel like you belong here and you will be welcome here. A home where real people live with their families and perhaps and children and create memories. I like these sort of homes. This century old multi family villa in Sweden with gorgeous views of lakes from Stadshem is just an example – a happy family home,

I love how they have used every single corner, but nothing looks cluttered or fake. All these wood doesn’t make it dark or dated, rather it gives a cozy and homely look, perhaps because of all those white walls. The tiles in the kitchen backsplash is gorgeous bringing in contrast. It’s such a simple place but so touching my heart. Hoping it’s an inspiration for others too.

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