Saturday, July 20, 2024

An Unique Green House In Argentina For Garden Lovers

I have never posted a house tour in Argentina. As a child, Argentina was my favourite country because of Maradona. I was a die hard fan of Argentina during all the Football world cups, it didn’t matter to me that I had never been to that country and didn’t know much either. All I knew was – it had to be a place full of warmth and kindness (please don’t ask me why – because I don’t know either 🙂 ). And yesterday I watched a video about the American golden plover birds on Headspace, and I was blown away. They begin their flight northward from Argentina to reach their Arctic breeding space. What fascinated me more is, they take a different route while coming back home as if they are on a world tour and want to see every bit of the world (more on that on another topic). Isn’t that unique? And this morning when I stumbled upon this uniqe home in Argentina for some garden lovers, I had to feature this.

This house, featured in Dwell Magazine, was designed by Buenos Aires based BAM! Arquitectura. The house is located in San Isidro, a city in Buenos Aires province, and shows us that a green filled house is possible in a dense area where a space for a garden is limited. The objective of the design was to not waste any square meter of soil and thus was created a” garden terrace that flows from floor to floor”.

I love all the glass panelling and the windows in each floor bringing in so much natural light. The best part is, the house is designed in such a way that the greenery is always visible from all sides and all floors. The backyard also has a pool and a fire pit. The plot doesn’t seem to be very wide, but because of a good planning, the architects have been able to fit in gardens on all sides and all floors along with a swimming pool and a fire pit. It surely gives me hope for my narrow backyard. The rooftop terrace is quite inspiring, isn’t it. I am fortunate to have a balcony (no rooftop terrace) on my attic but instead of acknowleding it as a gift, I crib that I don’t need it or use it. Here I have an eye opener and I understand how creative one can be when we accept our gifts. I am thankful that along with a small frontyard and backyard, I have a balcony as an outdoor space. My project this year is definitely the balcony on my attic. Hah, so much to learn and so less time. What’s your project this year?

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