Thursday, April 18, 2024

Time To Slow Down – A Memorable Experience In This Finnish Luxury Hotel

Hello there! Yesterday was a very special day. My 11 year old daughter, Oishi, is finishing her primary school and she had her summative assessment in the form of a research project that she chose. Yesterday was the final presentation and we along with other parents were invited to see our childrens’ work. If I say it was impressive, that will be an understatement. My schooling was more of a traditional one where we only got to do what our teachers instructed us and no room for creativity or our own research. Oishi is fortunate to go to an international school and follow the IB method where children are encouraged to do their own research and nuture their creativity. Yesterday was a summation of what she has learned in her primary school and now we move on to the middle school. Important day indeed.

And all that preparation for this assessment and presentation had made the students and their parents a bit anxious or nervous, if I may say so. All the hard work has come to fruition and all I need now is relax in a comfortable and relaxed space where my needs and wants will be taken care of. Time to slow down, time to soak in the nature and go for long walks by a scenic lake, time to wake up with the aroma of freshly made coffee and a splendid view. Time to relax in Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljonki in Jyväskylä, the lake disrtrict in Finland. The hotel is perfectly located on Jyväsjärvi lake and is a combination of Finnish design skills and beautiful scenery. What are we waiting for. Let’s dive down.

You can see the skills of the Finnish designer Joanna Laajisto in the rooms and the lobby that consists of sustainable and eco-friendly materials, furtinture made by local carpenters and craftsmen, and linen bedcover and sheets. The hotel has been designed to cater for all your needs (and wants), especially for the ones who expect some luxury, tranquility, peace and of course pampering.

This is the type of hotel I would choose when I am tired, stressed and I want other people to take care of me. Perhaps it’s a type of escapism or perhaps slowing down and looking back at life, time for reflections or plans. We all deserve these type of vacation, but the question is can we all afford it? That’s a deeper question, and we keep that for another time and another place. For today, let’s just take small steps. I allow myself to let me take long walks along the shores of the lake, let me contemplate and let me enjoy the tranquility and peace, let me heal. And let’s make memorable experiences.

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