Saturday, July 20, 2024
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An Idyllic Summer Home To Offer Calm And Tranquility

Hoi! I am enjoying the amazing sunshine streaming through the glass doors in my living room and listening to the birds chirping, making plans for summer. While travel is still so undecided, I am making plans for our own backyard and wondering how I can make it more summer friendly. Not sure if summer friendly is a word, but you get the idea – how to add in more sitting, perhaps bring in more plants and lights and yes, perhaps a fire pit to enjoy those late summer evenings when it’s a bit chilly. I was also wondering how I can add a greenhouse to my backyard when this beautiful holiday house from Fantastic Frank popped up. The outdoor area is just swoonworthy – the perfect summer getway amidst nature, just bordering a forest and near a lake. Ideal huh?

The grill is so handy right? Perfect for barbecue nights and especially when you are so engrossed in soaking the sunshine, beauty and the nature surrounding you and you don’t feel like going inside at all. For colder late summer evenings, there is also a wood burning fireplace. Oh and did I mention, there is also a sauna, a guesthouse for two and a greenhouse. I wonder though, if it’s a holiday house, how is the greenhouse maintained. But just the thought of having your own herbs and vegetables ready in the greenhouse that let’s you make a summer salad from fresh ingredients right at your hooliday home, is incredible. Lucky people!

There is also a bathing and boating place nearby – an idyllic situation where you are with your family or closed ones. What else do I need for a summer getaway? Perhaps just a book. And may be a pen and a diary to jot down my thoughts and free up my ever busy mind.

What do you think? Is this an ideal summer for you?

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