Thursday, April 18, 2024

12 Meditation Spaces That Will Inspire You To Actually Meditate

Hello, it’s finally Friday. Another week is coming to an end. Today the weather is behaving just the way our life is. I can see the sun playing hide and seek. Sometimes it’s just gorgeous, as it is now, but a few minutes ago it was overcast with cloud and it rained as well just for a few minutes. There was some wind in the morning, but not so strong as it is now. When I went for a walk, I loved the fresh, cool air on my face. But now there’s a storm going on, while the Sun shines through. A perfect metafor for our lives. Isn’t it?

Today is World Meditation Day. I am not really a fan of any special day like father’s day, mother’s day or valentine’s day because I think we can all show love and respect and care to our loved ones irrespective of the significance of the day. Having said that, I think it’s also important for us sometimes to have these special days to pause and reflect. Perhaps we are so busy with our lives that we stop notocing little things, and perhaps when we are celebrating a special day like Meditation Day, we pause and take note. It also spreads the much needed awareness. I am quite new to meditation and I am aware that I am not quite successfull at it, my mind still drifts away, however I try, I set the intention and I let go of perfectionism. It makes a world of difference. I carve out some time every day, even if it is for just 2 minutes a day and I sit in my favorite spot in the living room near the glass doors and I am proud to say that I am already reaping the benefits. This post is not about why we should meditate though (perhaps in a later post) Before I started my meditation practice last year some time, I had the fancy idea that I need a lot of stuff or space to create the perfect space. I had been reading and looking at the pictures online and honestly you could get carried away. However, when I plunged in, I realized to be able to meditate, I need NOTHING other than some time. But if you are contemplating meditation but not yet ready to commit, or perhaps meditating on and off but can’t keep the routine, it does make sense to carve out some space for you that will give you a zen feeling. A physical space that you can see and touch will signal your brain that this space is for meditation. Here are 12 pictures that will inspire you to meditate and keep doing it.

On the Floor – You can create your zen space on the floor with a comfortabel area rug, some floor cusions and throw pillows.

With Candles – You can keep some candles ready in a corner and light them if that sets your mood.

In A loft space – This is a tiny house with just 296 square feet. All you need is just a mat on floor and if possible some plants.

In front of an altar – If you have space, you can create an altar with the things you like or that gives you a sense of calm, say some incense or candles or a small Buddha.

On your window seat – that is to say if you have one.

On a comfortable chair – You don’t really need to sit on the floor if that hurts or is not your thing, a comfotable chair by a window is enough.

On your very small balcony – If you have a teeny tiny outdoor space, that counts too provided the weather permits or you live in an area where outdoor life is very much possible and a part of your life.

In your backyard – Again, if you live somewhere where the weather permits, (or make it seasonal) your backyard is also a good option, especially if you are surrounded by plants.

An unused corner by a window – you can use an unused corner and fill it with some floor cushions and plants and light an incense if you are up to it.

On a day bed – If you happen to have a day bed and have a space by the window where you can create a calming space, nothing better.

On your sofa – If you do not wish to create any special space or you do not have the space, your sofa is a perfectly fine space of meditation. That is what I do at least and it works.

On your bed – If all ellse fails, and if you have no space other than the bed, because say your living room is a shared space by other family members and you can get no alone time, don’t forget your bed. Yes, you can even meditate right on your bed. This is especially good for morning persons who like to meditate first thing in the morning or for people who like to meditate right before sleeping.

Did any of these spaces speak to you? Are you thinking of meditating or do you meditate? I would like to emphasize it that there is really absolutely no need to buy anything to start your meditation practice, as alluring as it might seem. You can buy something small if you are really upto it like some candles or incense or some plants if that makes you happy, but all you need is the intention. I hope you can fit meditation in your daily routine. Keep going. 🙂

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