Saturday, July 20, 2024

A House With A Lovely Patio In The Heart Of The Gothic Quarters Of Barcelona

Hi there, it’s a Monday and it had been raining all through out the day. It’s almost evening and now I see a teeny tiny bit of sunshine. This is a perfect day for day dreaming and planning vacations, however it was a very stressful and hectic day for me and had barely any time to sit down. I don’t like to start the week like this, but well this is life. So without much ado, let’s take a look at this house in the gothic quarters of Barcelona.

While the house is definitely beautiful, what I liked most is the terrace. It doesn’t seem to be a lot of space and it also seems to be very closed in because of the high walls but the greenery all around and the coziness created by all those planters makes it very relaxing, informal and inviting. It’s so difficult to find a breather like this in the midst of a busy city life. What a lovely and tranquil place.

Courtesy: Regards et Maisons

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