Thursday, April 18, 2024
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A House With A Beautiful Terrace And Garden In Gothenburg

It’s almost end of May, but there is no sign of summer yet here in Netherlands. It’s pouring mostly and I can see flicker of sunshine once in a while. In all these times, I realize how I love the warmth of sunshine. I wonder though how do the people in Scandinavia manage especially during the winter months when there is not enough light. I guess the summers compensate for that. Besides, what I love with most Scandinavian homes is that they really make use of whatever sunlight they get by having large and ample windows and a connection to nature. This house in Gothenburg, Sweden just proves my point.

The house (that I found through Kvarteret Mäkleri) is in a neighbourd which was developed in the 1930s as Gothenburg’s first single-family home area with detached houses and beautiful gardens and terraces, but not very far from the harbour. The garden looks lovely and rejuvenating with all the lilacs, apple trees and flower beds and a manicured grass lawn. A perfect place that connects the indoor with outdoor and a perfect place to raise a family with children.

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