Friday, March 01, 2024
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A Melbourne Home Blends Indoor And Outdoor With A Touch Of Luxury

Finally, the week is coming to an end and finally there is gorgeous sunshine. This year we are still not getting any summer vibes although it’s end of May. The sunshine changed my mood and everything looks bright and happy. I cleaned the backyard furniture and we cleared some weeds as well. The rhodondendrons and the forget me not are looking lovely. The hydrangeas and the roses are yet to bloom. Most important, my daugter Oishi was away for a school camp for the last few days, has returned this afternoon. So it’s a happy time for me. And so I have to end this week with an Australian house tour, because australian houses are happy places for me always. Perhaps because all the australian homes are so good at blending the indoor with outdoor and perhaps also because all the australian homes that I get to see have at least some sort of outdoor space to enjoy. This home in Medlbourne (from Homes To Love) is owned by Andrew and Colleen Johnston, the founders of lifestyle brand Satara.

Lovely isn’t it? I love how this house blends the outdoor with indoor and how it add a touch of luxury but ever so subtle. The gorgeous light, the wood, the earthy tone, the neutral color scheme and the landscaping makes it a bright and relaxing family home where you could just be you and leave your worries somewhere else. I wonder if I had a chance to live in a house like that, would I really forego my worries and become a more mindful person and lead a slow life? I wish I had the answer.

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