Saturday, July 20, 2024

A Home Filled With Books, Enjoying A Slow Life

Hello, it’s a gorgeous sunny day. I was writing my journal soaking in the sun, however not really enjoying the moment, rather hurrying up because, well I have stuff to do and miles to go. My duties and responsibilities are always creating a chaos in my mind and as much as I tried to meditate this morning, my couldn’t stop wandering off to all the chores that I am yet to complete. I write about slowing down and enjoy the simple moments, yet I cannot practise it in my life – what an irony. I get it, this is life. And that’s why I realize how important it is to slow down and relish because this present moment will never come back in life. And that’s why I keep writing about slowing down. Time is so precious. This historic house in Sweden from Historiska Hem is just an ideal example: keep it clean and simple, clutter free and immerse yourself in only stuff that you like, say books here.

The place has such a clean slate, yet not clinical. It has character but not cluttered. It has just the right things – the balance. I would love to sit on that balcony, pause for a moment look outside and enjoy the nature.

Do you practice slowing down in life or do you rather prefer the busyness? Either way, I wouldn’t judge you. All we need to do is enjoy our lives to the fullest till it lasts. Enjoy your day. 🙂

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