Thursday, April 18, 2024

How To Significantly Improve The View From Your House If You Don’t Have A Good One

Hello there, finally Friday. It’s been a long and busy week for me and I am happy to wind down for the weekend. The weather has been gorgeous and sunshine makes me merrier. My yesterday’s post was about outdoor ideas for a more zen living and I couldn;t help but be amazed at the lush rooftop garden of a very creative Owen Harris in Melbourne (thanks to Design Files). The wraparound balcony, at 44 square meters, is quite generous but not enormous. But the tall parapet hides the view and Owen used this to his advantage. That made me wonder what we can do if we change our perspective and get a little creative. The result is an amazing lust rooftop garden visible from every part of the living area. Let’s dive deep.

I am amazed at the lushness of the place. There has been a lot of consideration of the wind, lack of soil, direction of the sun, watering system and plant selection considering the fact it is a rooftop. This lush garden forms a backdrop to the living space, instead of just the bare parapet. What I love most is the tall potted Cussonia spicata generally known as spiked cabbage tree. A rooftop garden at this level takes a lot of responsibility and maturity. Nurturing your plants is a regular task, but also nourishing for your own soul. The result is worth taking all this trouble (if you think of gardening as a trouble that is). This is like if the world gives us lemons, we can make lemonade out of it. Granted, this is a rooftop garden, and even with the tall parapet you can still see the sky, but what if we had no or ugly view. In that case we have two options: either we complain and do nothing or we get innovative and take action.

I hope it was a good lesson from this Melbourne rooftop garden about how we can change our surroundings if we desire to do so. The desire part is important. So let’s not despair if we are left with an ugly view. Let’s try to change our views (and viewpoints) by working on it. Wish you all a happy weekend.

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