Friday, March 01, 2024

A Beautiful Duplex Filled With Plants And An Outdoor Oasis

Hello there. It’s already midweek and the sun continues to shine here in Netherlands. The summer is finally here it seems. I had been diligently washing and cleaning all our winter gears and putting them away. Clearing the wardrobes is a lot of work I must say, and right now to be very honest, my house is quite messy (just like my life) because of all the incomplete organization projects. The least I could do is create a relaxation corner for me (I will write a seperate post on that) and that gives me a cocoon like feeling while I work. While creating the relaxation corner, I was wondering what’s a must for me to induce this feeling of relaxation and luxury and I realized: plants or fresh flowers. Yes, plants and fresh flowers make me absolutely happy. And this morning when I came across this Gothenburg duplex on the market (yes, I love looking at houses that are on the market) that is filled with plants, I couldn’t help but share. And the bonus is that awesome balcony on their attic. It’s totally relaxing.

If you ask me what;s my most favorite in this duplex, I would for sure tell you that balcony on the attic is the best. A little outdoor space, doesn’t matter how little it is, is very healing. And as I wrote in my post yesterday, even littlest of outdoor spaces can be utilized with some creativity and desire.

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