Thursday, April 18, 2024

10 Amazing Outdoor Lounging That Will Leave You In Awe

Hoi Hoi, happy Thursday. And what an amazing day for outdoor lovers. The sun has been shining for the last week or so and it promises to shine for the next week at least. The temperature is perfect, not very warm and definitely not cold. The perfect weather to sit outside on your backyard, patio, terrace, garden, balcony or whatever outdoor space you have (and sorry if you have none, but you can best utlise your open windows perhaps). This is the weather that we so long here in Netherlands, a country of perpetual rain and humidity. I had been thinking dreaming about our backyard redesign since last summer. I was hopeful this would be the year when we finally do that, unfortunately things didn’t materialize and I instead planned our summer vacation to Costa Brava in Spain. But the situation is so that the vacation this summer as well doesn’t look promising and I am left with disappointment. How else to lift that spirit other than with a little day dream about luxurious outdoor lounging?

I mostly write about small space living, because well I live in a smallish space and I like to find inspiration from these spaces created by other people. However, inspiration is not limited to only small space design. If we know how to find it, we can find inspiration from awesome, stunning and luxurious design as well. Here are 10 such amazing outdoor lounging spaces.

Aren’t they stunning? They are anything but boring and there are loads of ideas that can be applied to my smaller backyard as well. Now, only I wish I would be able to carry out my backyard redesign. But until then, I can enjoy the planning and dreaming phase. 🙂

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