Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Creating A Home That’s Made With Labour Of Love

Hello Friday – coming to an end to another work week. At this point though I wonder if I prefer the calmness of week days over the chaos of weekends. My weekends had been pretty busy for the last few months, not that I am attending too many parties or events, but just general house hold chores that’s keeping me too ocuupied, coupled with the the fact that all three of us are at home. That means that I have no ‘me’ time. I don’t get to follow my morning routine, rather it’s a go go go, especially on Saturdays. To think of it, I didn’t consider my blog writing as my work until very recently. So if I think of blog writing as my work and career, I love this work and I definitely do not dread working. Perhaps that’s why I am liking work weeks. Yes, I have loads of appointments on work days and that’s what I loathe, but my time spent on writing articles for this blog – well that’s my meditation, my bliss, and this blog is my labour of love. That brings me to the point about this greystone home of The Everygirl Cofounder Alaina Kaczmarski.

This home is a true labour of love, because it wasn’t filled with stuff just for the sake of it. You can see more before and after pictures here and can understand that creativity and imagination goes a long way. From my personal experience, I can tell you that decorating a home is a very very slow process. And perhaps that’s why my house is never complete, because there is always something that is still not done or the perfect piece that’s still to be found. It takes enormous amount of time and patience to find the things that you truly love. The best part about the home is the lesson that we learn. Alaina appreciates her outdated kitchen and bathroom, just makes do with just painting and feels fortunate for the vintage charm, fireplaces and floor to ceiling windows. That makes me appreciate my outdated kitchen so much, for I appreciate the great amount of light I get and the cozy neighborhood that I live. It’s a great way of feeling grateful for what we have in life.

So what are you feeling grateful for today?

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