Thursday, April 18, 2024

A Home Filled With Plants Shows How To Create An Oasis In The City

Good Morning, let’s welcome another week. It’s a Monday morning and the weather has been gorgeous all along here in Netherlands. This is really rare. I feel blessed to have a weather like this. I putter in my kitchen and backyard and try to create a herb garden and water my plants and marvel at the blooming peonies and roses. It feels wonderful to be so close to nature. If my peonies and roses can create such wonder, I am intrigued to think what it might be to be surrounded by nature always. Well, while that’s not a reality for most of us or many of us at least, we can create a home oasis in a small city apartment by adding in lots of greenery like this small apartment in Sweden. A home oasis can be created in a very small space and you do not need a bunch of stuff to create that. This home that I am featuring today shows us just that. Simplicity and some greenery is the key.

Did you see the trick here? The best part is you don’t even need to invest on expensive plants (well big plants can be very expensive), you could just add in branches and twigs from trees in the park or from your backyard and keep them in vases. I have tried that, they keep well for some days and they immediately elevate the look making it more intentional. I hope you liked this idea.

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