Saturday, July 20, 2024

A Spectacular Home In The Island Of Formentera Shows Us How To Unwind And Enjoy

Summer is here already, although officially it migt be still spring and I might still get pollen allergies, but the weather tells me it has to be summer. I have plans for summer vacation – a couple of weeks in Costa Brava in Spain, I am already visualizing myself dipping my feet in the pool and just unwind. But the pandemic situation makes me anxious and I worry if that vacation is going to be a reality at all or not. However, no has control over my dreams right? It has been a very tiring month and I imagine myself somewhere in Spain, relaxing and enjoying the nature and solitude. And to do that, what better place than this summer house in the Island of Formentera. Spain is a very special country to me, I don’t really know why and I imagine myself retiring in that country somewhere by the Sea. I have had the opportunity to visit some of the islands and I feel blessed and grateful to experience such solitude and beauty. I have never been to Formentera, but I can only guess how beautiful it can be just by looking at the pictures of this house. What I really like is the indoor-outdoor connection in the island houses. This house is like an eternal summer.

This house is an epitome of relaxation. You have spectacular views of the island and all you need to do is just kick back and unwind. Of course I love the porches and the outdoor living, the swimming pool and the indoor-outdoor connection, but what I love most is the bathroom. It is simple, all white but so soothing and relaxing. Although I forsee myself more in the pool than in the tub, but just in case the weather is too hot, the bathtub is an ideal alternative for a nice soak. It prompts me to slow down and take care of myself and my mind. What are your thoughts?

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