Tuesday, October 03, 2023

A Melbourne Terrace Home Shows How To Blend Indoor-Outdoor

Hello, hello. It’s a gorgeous sunny Tuesday and even a tiny bit of sunshine really makes my day. On my gratitude journal, I almost always write that I am grateful for this glorious sunshine and for this tiny sliver of space that I have in my backyard. I feel blessed and I feel connected to the nature. The Australian homes are best in blending indoor and outdoor. To be honest, I am yet to see a house in Australia that doesn’t do that. This Mekbourne home is no exception.

The Terrace homes are usually narrow and you have openings only on two sides, which sometimes can make the middle portion of the house very dark. I like the clever idea of using skylights. That brings in tons of light and connects you more with the outdoor. All the wood and natural elements add to it. What I like most is these floor to ceiling doors and windows. That makes the transition way more seamless. Oh! and what a lovely terrace! That just made my day.

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