Saturday, July 20, 2024

A Lakeside Minimal Home Shows Us How To Celebrate Slow Living

Hello, it’s already Wednesday and I had been feeling stressed all morning because of all the clutter. As much as I clean and tidy up and put things away, there is no shortage of stuff piling up here and there. I don’t know really what’s not working. This morning I was really upset that none of my systems are working. I need to work on my system I guess and the first thing that came to my mind was “Marie Kondo’. I know that I can never be a stark minimalist, however it’s important that we keep stock of what we already have in our lives and at home time to time. My escape route whenever I am stressed like this, is through online inspiration. I realized having a slower pace of life with only things that you love or need with your loved ones is the key. This lakeside home in Sweden shows us exactly how you can live in a small and minimal space and celebrate a slower pace of life and that too with a child in the house. Let’s explore.

The best thing in that apartment is definitely the view of that gorgeous lake. I wish I had that view from my apartment. I would spend the evenings on that balcony sipping tea, enjoying a glorious sunset and unwinding, perhaps meditating. Now that is a slower pace of life isn’t it? While I can’t walk away from all the madness that is happening around me, I can have the luxury of taking some moments of peace and solitude and celebrate slow living. 🙂

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