Thursday, June 13, 2024

A Charming Old Farmhouse Restored To Enjoy The Spanish Way Of Relaxed Living

Hello there. It has been a very busy day today I didn’t get any time to write for my blog until now, which is already post noon. Busy days like these really overwhelm me and my morning routine goes for a toss. Oh did I mention that I have morning routine? Well quite an elaborate one and perhaps I will write a post on that later sometime. For now, I just want to relax and chill out. I write a lot about slow living and I try to implement it on my own life, however I am not quite successfull yet. I believe that’s a life style change, it’s a way of living. For instance, this old but charming framhouse in Malaga in southern Spain gives such a relaxing vibe that I have a feeling, living in a house like this would take away a lot of busyness and stress.

This charming farmhouse is a summer retreat of a family of four living in London and was completely renovated and redesigned by the very talented interior designer Mireia Pla. A summer retreat somewhere in Europe is on my wishlist ever since, not sure though it will ever come true, but no harm in dreaming I guess. 🙂

This week I am more on Spanish houses. Spain is definitely one of my most loved countries, It has always been. And I cannot stop myself from admiring the spanish lifestyle of a relaxed living where a siesta is still a thing (well my Spanish friends tell me that that’s no longer the case in bigger cities like Madrid). Another beautiful concept in Spanish lifestyle is giving importance to family and meal times. People do take longer lunch breaks and cherish an overall more relaxed lifestyle. Sometimes, I do dream that I am living in Spain, somewhere near the sea, reading a book by the poolside or on the swing feeling the cool breeze from the sea in the evening. A life of “Pura Vida”.

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