Saturday, July 20, 2024

A Small Apartment Shows How To Do Minimalism Right

Minimalism can be a trend these days, but to me it is sort of essential. I have really a very low (or zero) tolerance for clutter but my house is anything but minimal. Often, people assume that a minimal house looks stark and devoid of personalization. That can be true to an extent. I have indeed seem pictures of some very minimal homes which come across as cold and stark. However, that doesn’t have to be. I like a minimal, clutter free home but not a stark cold one. I like a home with personality, I like a mostly monochromatic home with pops of colors here and there. This minimal apartment in Sweden shows us just that – how to do a balanced minimalism with bursts of colors here and there.

I am not really a fan of yellow, but this yellow seems so cheerful. It brightens the mood immediately without overwhelming it. The apartment is otherwise quite monochromatic and orderly but a yellow, a blue or a pink is thrown here and there and they do not feel out of place. That is great design – minimalism done right.

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