Thursday, April 18, 2024

A Beautiful Mid-Century Modern House For Relaxing Weekend Gateaways

It has been raining for the last couple of days. That’s not uncommon here in Netherlands. However, this is summer! Yes, rain in summer is also not uncommon, it’s quite normal and that’s why Netherlands is so green. But I do hope for more sunshine and glorious days. This morning, the weather cleared a bit and while it’s not raining, it’s still a bit cloudy. Not bad though. Actually this weather somehow reminds of October in Kolkata, India where I grew up. It would some times rain and sometimes the weather would clear and you could see the floating clouds and if you are lucky, you could also see an occasional rainbow. It would also be the season of festivities, onset of winter, it was my most favourite season. I am being nostalgic now. While I cannot get my childhood days back, I also cannot expect Australian weather here in Netherlands. I would rather be teleported to this weekend gateaway in Mount Martha in Australia.

This house serves as a family gateaway that belongs to a family living in Melbourne and was originally designed by the designer Karl Fender. The family undertook a massive renovation to bring back its original mid-century modern feel. The house is occasionally also on AirBnb. So you could rent it for a relaxing getaway and enjoy the luxurious space. Now I wish I lived in Australia 🙂

Photo Courtesy: The Design Files and AirBnb

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